Martin Gotteland

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Doctorado en Fisiologia y Fisiopatologia de la Nutricion Humana (Univ. Denis Diderot, Paris VII, Francia)

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Early-life alterations of gut microbiota and its impact on infant rat intestinal barrier function and stress-related behavior. Co-investigador Fondecyt 1140776

Publicacion(es) destacada(s)

Wong X, Madrid AM, Tralma K, Castillo R, Carrasco-Pozo C, Navarrete P, Beltrán C, Pastene E, Gotteland M. Polyphenol extracts interfere with bacterial lipopolysaccharide in vitro and decrease postprandial endotoxemia in human volunteers. J Func Foods 2016; 26: 406-417.

Wong X, Carrasco-Pozo C, Escobar E, Navarrete P, Blachier F, Andriamihaja M, Lan A, Tomé D, Cires MJ, Pastene E, Gotteland M. Deleterious Effect of p-Cresol on Human Colonic Epithelial Cells Prevented by Proanthocyanidin-Containing Polyphenol Extracts from Fruits and Proanthocyanidin Bacterial Metabolites. J Agric Food Chem 2016; 64: 3574-3583.

Andriamihaja M, Lan A, Beaumont M, Audebert M, Wong X, Yamada K, Yin Y, Tomé D, Carrasco-Pozo C, Gotteland M, Kong X, Blachier F. The deleterious metabolic and genotoxic effects of the bacterial metabolite p-cresol on colonic epithelial cells. Free Radic Biol Med 2015; Apr 14. pii: S0891-5849(15)00166-5.

Vergara D, Ávila D, Escobar E, Carrasco-Pozo C, Sánchez A, Gotteland M. The intake of maqui (Aristotelia chilensis) berry extract normalizes H2O2 and IL-6 concentrations in exhaled breath condensate from healthy smokers - an explorative study. Nutr J 2015; 14: 27.

Carrasco-Pozo C, Gotteland M, Castillo RL, Chen C. 3,4-dihydroxyphenylaceticacid, a microbiota-derived metabolite of quercetin, protects against pancreatic β-cells dysfunction induced by high cholesterol. Exp Cell Res 2015; 334: 270-82.

JULIO-PIEPER M, BRAVO JA, ALIAGA E, GOTTELAND M.  Review article: intestinal barrier dysfunction and central nervous system disorders--a controversial association. Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2014; 40: 1187-201.

GOTTELAND M, CIRES MJ, CARVALLO C, VEGA N, RAMIREZ MA, MORALES P, RIVAS P, ASTUDILLO F, NAVARRETE P, DUBOS C, FIGUEROA A, TRONCOSO M, ULLOA C, MIZGIER ML, CARRASCO-POZO C, SPEISKY H, BRUNSER O, FIGUEROA G. Probiotic Screening and Safety Evaluation of Lactobacillus Strains from Plants, Artisanal Goat Cheese, Human Stools, and Breast Milk. J Med Food 2014 Jan 16.

CARRASCO-POZO C, MORALES P, GOTTELAND M. Polyphenols Protect the Epithelial Barrier Function of Caco-2 Cells Exposed to Indomethacin through the Modulation of Occludin and Zonula Occludens-1 Expression. J Agric Food Chem. 2013; 61: 5291-97.

DAVILA AM, BLACHIER F, GOTTELAND M, ANDRIAMIHAJA M, BENETTI PH, SANZ Y, TOMÉ D. Intestinal luminal nitrogen metabolism: Role of the gut microbiota and consequences for the host. Pharmacol Res 2013; 68: 95-107.

CARRASCO-POZO C, PASTENE E, VERGARA C, ZAPATA M, SANDOVAL C, GOTTELAND M. Stimulation of cytosolic and mitochondrial calcium mobilization by indomethacin in Caco-2 cells: modulation by the polyphenols quercetin, resveratrol and rutin. Biochim Biophys Acta 2012; 1820: 2052-61.

CARRASCO-POZO C, MIZGIER ML, SPEISKY H, GOTTELAND M. Differential protective effects of quercetin, resveratrol, rutin and epigallocatechin gallate against mitochondrial dysfunction induced by indomethacin in Caco-2 cells. Chem Biol Interact 2012; 195: 199-205.

CARRASCO-POZO C, SPEISKY H, BRUNSER O, PASTENE E, GOTTELAND M. Apple peel polyphenols protect against gastrointestinal mucosa alterations induced by indomethacin in rats. J Agric Food Chem 2011; 59: 6459-6466.

CARRASCO-POZO C, GOTTELAND M, SPEISKY H. Apple peel polyphenol extract protects against indomethacin-induced damage in Caco-2 cells by preventing mitochondrial complex I inhibition. J Agric Food Chem 2011; 59: 11501-11508.

BRIGNARDELLO J, MORALES P, DIAZ E, ROMERO J, BRUNSER O, GOTTELAND M. Pilot study: Alterations of intestinal microbiota in obese are not associated with colonic inflammation or disturbances of barrier function. Aliment Pharmacol Ther 2010; 32: 1307-1314

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